Terms And Conditions

Prestige Play Rules 


  • All performers, waitresses & waiters are to be paid prior to the shift commencing.

  • Ensure all performers and waitresses have a clean and private area to get change and somewhere safe to access their belongings.

  • No photos or videos without permission, which includes Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. If the performer or waitress catches anyone doing so they have the right to remove the footage of any of the devices and the shift to cease immediately with no refund.

  • No payments are refundable after a service has been given, please be aware we are a booking agent only. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your paid service you need to let us know immediately.

  • If you wish to extend a booking you need to work out the payments prior to the original shift so the new added hour or two can commence.

  • All bookings are a minimum of 2 hours.

  • All bookings are a minimum of 2 waitresses only (We do not provide and cater for solo jobs).

  • No grabbing, smacking, spanking, kissing, licking, biting or touching a waitress, waiter or performer to make them feel uncomfortable.

  • No degrading behavior. You booked a service for someone to serve drinks, entertain & be social. A please and thank you goes a long way.

  • No personal details to be exchanged this includes phone numbers, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and any social media accounts. This may result in termination of staff.

  • There is to be absolutely no intimidation of sexual contact, requests or extra services this will cause the shift to cease immediately with your waitress/performer to leave and with no refund.

  • Travel fees are required for any locations in KM distance out of the CBD in each state.

  • Respect your performers and waitresses if you fail to oblige by these terms and conditions this may fault in the shift to cease immediately with no refund.

  • After making a booking and the deposit is made there will be no refunds for change of mind.

  • Performers or waitresses may have security, at all times must you allow them to be accompanied by their security.

  • Prestige play is not liable for any loss, damage or injuries. Our staff are subcontractors and legal matters in regards to loss, damage or injury is solely between client and subcontractor.

Play (18+) means to engage and participate in a special event exactly like when you were a kid but… We provide something a little more, we like to add and spice up with drinking games, card games, poker, relaxation, enjoyment, leisure and shows girls!

Prestige Play is Australia wide having such an extensive variety of women nationally our promise is to guide and direct all your wants and needs no matter how big or how small we can accommodate

Deliver your performances with passion and persistence.
The team of prestige play have been working the Adult Industry, Adult clubs and Promo events for years, as so a lot of gained  knowledge with different work methods we only strive in regulating to uphold premium standards for the Adult Industry so we can happily give you our true advertised services.

We are your reliable booking service you can be stress free for your future celebrations, we pursue your needs until you are %110 satisfied and happy with the outcome – it’s your night our priority is to maintain our promises; classy behaviour, premium policies and regulating a reliable reputation.

The team of Prestige Play are built on a foundation with ultimate years’ experience, mutual respect and balance we have a firm understanding of customer service, OH&S and work ethic therefore we have been able to execute and produce a new structure that ticks all your boxes and is regulated consistently proven with customer feedback given every weekend.